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Recommended Gear for Colorado Fishing

When preparing to embark on a fishing trip in Colorado, it is important to consider your necessary supplies. Be sure to make a list before you leave for your Colorado fishing adventure. Make your arrangements based on weather conditions, and always plan ahead in case of emergency. For more information on Colorado fishing gear, read below.

Fishing Hooks

Hooks can range from small to big, depending on what type of fish you’re looking to catch. What you need to do is to consider the size and shape of the bait and the fish. Fish with small mouths require small hooks. If you’re using small bait… then the same rule applies. The bigger the fish and if you’re using larger bait, then you’ll want to use a bigger hook. Some of the recommended hooks for saltwater fishing are the J hook, the Treble hook or the Circle hook.

Fishing Line

Your fishing line is most important if you don’t want to lose your fish. Depending on what fish you are going for, there are many types of lines available to help you land that "big catch" of the day.

Fishing Sinkers

Fishing sinkers will get your bait into the area where the fish feed. Different sizes and shapes of sinker will put the bait at the depth you need. Some of the recommended sinkers for saltwater fishing are a Split-shot Sinker, Bank Sinker, Trolling Sinker and Egg Sinker.

Fishing Bait

The best way to catch a fish off guard is to fish with live bait. When you put your live bait in the water, make sure you use a light hook, line and leader.

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